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As we are still stuck in lockdown … I believe that many 2021 brides spend hours on Pinterest dreaming about their wedding. What will the wedding trend forecasts be for 2021? No one knows for sure, BUT we can make an educated guess if we look at the fashion colour forecast from the leading fashion houses.

We did just that and came up with this stunning Optimistic Pink colour forecast for weddings in 2021. As Kate Deegan says this: “Pink and grey is a colour combination made in heaven. It is a classic due that has stood the test of time and works universally for all weddings, no matter what theme. The great thing about pink and grey is that it is so versatile and can be brought into all aspects of the wedding, from the gents’ suits, bridal bouquets, stationery to the room décor itself, the possibilities are endless. Plus, because it’s a popular colour combination, it should be relatively easy to find lots of fab décor to dress your room.”

Here are some inspiration boards for you to look at. All of these photos have been selected from Pinterest, and you can have a look at the original photos at https://za.pinterest.com/greylind/wedding-trends-for-2021/optimistic-pink/ .

Let’s look at possibilities for the bride.

Optimistic pink

Wedding trends for 2021

With this colour scheme, there are endless possibilities. The 1st one will be for the more daring bride, and she can opt to go for a grey and pink wedding dress, for the more romantic bride a Cinderella pink wedding dress, and then lastly for the more conservative bride a white dress with touches of pink and grey.

By choosing a flattering grey suit with a pink tie, the groom will look dapper and is an easy choice to make.

This elegant and timeless colour scheme makes it easy for the bridesmaids to get the right gown. You can either go for a grey gown with pink accessories or the other way around – a pink gown with grey accessories. Or for the more modern version, a grey and pink dress.

Wedding Stationery

When choosing wedding stationery, it is important to pull the colour theme throughout, and this will set the mood for the wedding.  The soft colour of pink and grey will look elegant but, depending on the design you can either go for a more rustic tone or a refined tone. The samples that we have on the inspiration board is for a more refined, elegant look and feel.

Wedding Flowers

Again, there’s something so classic and beautiful about pink and grey floral, and these colours will work with most dresses, suits and skin tones. Try the ever-popular fynbos and Protea, or even play around with succulents with shades of pink and grey to give it a vibrant twist.

Wedding Ceremony

As mentioned earlier – it is of utmost importance to pull your look and feel (and colour theme) throughout the whole wedding. When your guests receive your invite, they will know what your colour theme is. As they arrive at your ceremony, they will experience the same look and feel. Some suggestions will be to use a soft grey draping at your wedding arch. Fill the pathway with grey and pink flowers, but keep the chairs a simple white chair.

Table settings

This is where the fun begins.  Play around with the colours to your heart’s desire. Just keep the basic design principles like symmetry, balance etc. in mind when playing around. Very important: don’t bring in to many different types of décor. Decide on the look and feel you want – as per example: Casual, rustic or modern sophisticated elegance and choose décor pieces that will pull that through. Play around with steel grey table cloths or even go with a plain wooden table with a soft pink runner.

The Wedding Cake

The possibilities are endless. Here are some examples of wedding cakes that would work for this colour scheme.  Even try for a pink and grey marble cake or an ombre cake.

Wedding Favours

Last but not least – don’t forget about wedding favours for your guests. An example would be to go for a small grey concrete pot with a succulent, a small pink satin pouch with candy, or even a small rose quartz key ring that could be placed on the serviette. Again – the possibilities are endless.

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