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Wedding trends 2020


20 June 2020

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Wedding Trends 2020

After browsing through several Fashion forecast sites, Interior design sites, pantones, etc I could clearly make out the presence of a few colour palettes across most sites.

To have their say on colour schemes, the wedding and event industry looks up to the above industries each year. I, therefore, made up my mind to come up with a series on the wedding trends for 2020. Hope you like it!

Majolica Blue is one of ten colours that make up the Pantone colours for 2020. This colour is visible prominently in the picture. Though this colour may look dull or less striking to you, there is no denying the fact that it can make for a decent add on or base colour. Also as compared to old navy blue, Majolica blue is a bit more vibrant and can therefore add a bit of flair to the colour scheme. In fact, Majolica blue is mysterious, deep blue.

2020 Wedding Trends

When you use soft petal pink with Boysen berry colour, a kind of fruit that looks like dark red blueberry, you are sure to get a combination that will make an outright winner! How do you get this colour? All you need to do is make use of dahliahs or pink/red orchids or even plum colour calla lily in your colour scheme.

I would suggest you to use petal pink brocade for your wedding as a base material. The Majestic trend also includes part of Fil coupe materials, ikat patterns and materials, Jacquard materials and brocade materials.

When you use antique vintage jewellery and plait your hair with a wedding dress made of brocade materials you are sure to have a kind of experience at your wedding that will be hard to forget. This is what a Majestic One in a Kind Wedding is all about!

Pretty Majolica Blue

Wedding mood boards examples matching your Majestic Wedding colour scheme

Use of Buckthorn Brown, Petal Pink, Boysen Berry and Majolica Blue colour scheme for the wedding attire.

Trend number one for wedding in the winter of 2020!

Use of Boysen Berry, Petal Pink, Buckthorn Brown and Majolica Blue colour scheme for the wedding decor.

Trend number one for wedding in the winter of 2020!

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