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Bohemian Wedding


15 June 2020

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Bohemian Styled Shoot

From glamorous fairy-tale weddings to Steam Punk themed industrial shoots, we’ve done it all! Including a Bohemian styled wedding shoot for our more off-beat readers.

Every bride wants their wedding day to be the day of their dreams. It is to be a breathtakingly beautiful day but with so many trends going around how is a lady supposed to be “with the times” and also remain incredibly unique?

Think timeless! Too many brides have looked back on their wedding day photos in disbelief that they could ever have liked such a colour, pattern or theme. If this wedding is to be the day of your dreams, it should tell the story of who you are.

Trends come and go and so do certain of our likes and dislikes, meaning that your opinion on the frilly tablecloths you love so much now, could change at any moment… if you want to look back in 30years and feel as warm and wonderful as you did on the day of your wedding you should make sure that you put the same effort into making the décor decisions as you did in choosing your man.

A path less wandered

Timeless means not affected by time or the changes in fashion. It is lasting, classic, enduring, it is ageless, permanent and everlasting. Much like the love you share with your soulmate. I have always based my most important decision making on my own personal little timeless rule, if I won’t feel as confident about it in the far future it most likely isn’t that worth it.

The bohemian theme is probably one of the most fun and beautiful themes when pulled off correctly, but make no mistake it is also one of the hardest to pull off. It is a theme that can easily become a wedding full of creative little projects for the DIY brides, so here’s a little more BOHO WEDDING INFO  to help you nail your theme.

  • Stay local – add as much of a local, homegrown touch to your wedding as possible.
  • Go wild with your flower arrangements – keep to formal flowers such as roses and wild ferns or grass along with other foliage.
  • Keep your décor as eclectic as possible – in other words draw your inspiration, ideas, style and taste from a variety of sources. Your day should be all about who you are and what you like.
  • Go for a simple yet beautiful look – bohemian weddings are about typically avoiding the over-the-top look of more traditional wedding settings.

Bohemian Wedding Decor

As we know the word bohemian can be split up into many different words, meanings and styles, therefore in such a diverse world made up of so many connections, this theme remains as beautiful, warm and touching as ever. Weddings are about celebrating spending the rest of your life with the person you love, but they are also about your friends and family who are right by your side, celebrating it with you. Because they love you. Many times, in this industry brides and grooms have battled with their loved ones about many aspects around the wedding, but always have they bounced back to support the couple on their special day. We are all different, unique… we are all masterpieces, beautiful beings of art who fear what we do not understand, and who judge each other far too harshly for being different. We try all our lives to fit in when we were born to stand out.

If anything, we should learn something from this theme, and become a perfectly imperfect mélange of individuals and celebrate our individuality, our differences in taste and style, our likes and dislikes and feel absolutely free to be truly ourselves. And we should love who we are, without second guessing whether or not it is good enough, because we should already know that we are.

Forget about competing when it comes to your wedding, remember to choose what you love, do what makes you happy and never forget just what a massive bunch of beautiful we create when we allow and accept all the difference and individuality to come together to form the ultimate masterpiece.


Credits to:                                                                           

Makeup and Hair done by:

Vicky V Hair and Makeup Artist

Link: (https://www.facebook.com/VickiVHM/?fref=ts)


Photography done by:


Link: (http://studio25.co.za/)



De Ouwe Klok

Link: (http://vlottenburg.co.za)


Décor Elements:

Blooming wonderful

Link: (http://www.bloomingwonderful.co.za/)


Décor Elements:

A Vintage Affair




Imagine Events



Planning and Setup:

Imagine Events

Elizca Smit

Link: https://www.facebook.com/eventsanddecorimagine/

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