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By Michelle Huysamen

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” – Paul Prudhomme

What’s better than eating your everyday go-to meal? Two words. Wedding food. Most of us have been to a wedding at some point in our lives, whether you were the flower girl throwing the colourful petals onto the ground before the bride graced the walkway or maybe you were one of the bridesmaids catching the bouquet or the best man giving a speech. Regardless of what type of guest you were, one thing in common with each wedding was food. We all look forward to the scrumptious meals and desserts served to us on the wedding day besides the obvious reasoning for us being there; let’s face it, what is an event without good food?

When it comes to weddings a great idea that the couple should most certainly consider, is a harvest table. What exactly is a harvest table you may ask? They are decorative, statement tables in which food and all types of snacks and finger foods cover the surface. They usually include greenery and fresh/raw produce which act as embellishments. These foods are loved by many as they are easily handled and eaten without a fuss and they serve as the perfect filler before and after meals when guests become peckish.

Harvest Tables are easily adaptable to dietary needs, whether you’re vegan, have religious restrictions or have foods allergies. The range of foods that you can include are endless, and “basic” and “boring” foods can easily be reconstructed and plated in imaginative ways. Have you ever watched a cooking show and wondered how on earth they managed to take a basic meal like a grilled cheese sandwich and make it look like a five star dish?

Plating is an important aspect when it comes to events, so do some of your own research to find out your preferences and likes and show your wedding planner the ideas you have. Your wedding planner will often think of elements you won’t such as keeping the food warm, coverings that prevent pests from nibbling on the food before your guests have the chance to, or maybe they have a list of popular, simple and no-fuss foods that your guests are guaranteed to love.

Some ideas to include in a table are elements such as of freshly baked bread with sweet and savory spreads, fruit or meat kebabs, quiches and tartlets (mini, single-serving tarts). Here are some pictures to give you some ideas.

















As you can see, ordinary foods have been displayed in such a way that makes them look appetising and unique. Some items that help with this are wooden boxes, toothpick, chopping boards and glass jars as they make the table look elegant by adding a professional element.

Remember that wedding planning is about what you would like n the day, so do not fall victim to the social media pressures and ideologies of everyone around you!

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